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Gas combustion manifold/bus
    Gas combustion manifold/bus is to connect many cylinders in groups and then reduce the pressure. Gas would pass through the main pipe to be transmitted to the end user equipment. It is mainly used in focused gas supply pipes as well as small and mediumscale gas supply stations. According to different cylinder groups, it can be switched manually, based on the state of gas and based on the state of liquid. 
Main characteristics:
1. It has a double-sided system design, where the dual gas source structure is comprise of the primary gas cylinder supply group and the backup gas cylinder group.
2. The open structure design has excellent capability of expansion.
3. The system has a gas filter device that is easy to maintain, which can effectively filter dust and impurities in vapor.
4. When the system is manufactured, designated technicians would conduct nondestructive inspection against leaking and pressure tests. It is safe and reliable.
5. Its blueprint design is easy to install and is strong in stability.
6. Confluence pipes are welded with 20#GB8163 seamless steel pipes or stainless steel pipes. They are durable. Piping frames ensure that they remain to be perfectly straight.
Optional accessories:  
Vaporizer, flash-back arrestor, safety valve, regulating valve, gas leakage warning alarm, filter valve, exclusive  soft pipes.    
Performance illustration:
Medium used: LPG, LNG, propylene, oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium Group selection: Single group or double group Type of switch: manual switch or automatic switch  Installation method: To be hung on the wall or installed horizontally   Major sealing component: Metal spiral wound gasket Temperature of the work environment: Normal temperature Cylinder connection: Soft metal tube or high pressure plastic tube Electricity pressure: Nil
These are piping related equipment necessary for LP gas delivery. Ragarding the PHW, we recommend installing the bilateral flange type if there is a possibility of future expansion and the less expensive unilateral flange type if not. We can also manufacture special types upon your order if necessary.
Models with a “B” after the model number have ball valve specifications and those without have stop valve specifications.
The letter“H”of model name respectively stand for high-pressure hose with handle for manual tightening.
For the liquid phase line use,please switch the valve to special model.
“L”figure flange connection and various type of coulling are also avairable.
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