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NFEV water-heated vaporizer
     Liquefied gas passes through stainless steel submerged in warm water or through zinc-processed seamless steel pipe or dish pipe. It then absorbs heat from the war water and vaporizes. As it overheats, it passes through the gas-liquid separator to remove its heavy components and then enters into the network.    Heat energy in warm water is provided by the 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel electric heater. Meters on the electrically controlled dish automatically arranges the heat in the water to be electrically heated in a cycle that is controlled within the work range set by users (usually between 55-75±2.5).    When the warm water is lower than the lower limit set by the user (usually 55), the electromagnetic valve installed on the incoming liquefied gas pipe would automatically turn itself  off to avoid low temperature to liquefy the passing liquid.    When the water level is lower than the limit set by the user, whether the water temperature is high or low, the electric heater would stop the heating process to avoid heating without any water. The default pressure of the safety valve on the vaporizer is 1.68MPa. The vaporizer has a default water level; and there are meters showing current water temperature and pressure at the entrance and exit of liquefied vapor.
Technical characteristics:
1. There is a safety chain and lock to protect and prevent overflow of liquid.
2. Heat exchange tube is made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel or is zinc-processed seamless steel pipe. Heat exchange efficiency is high.
3. The stainless steel1Cr18Ni9Ti helps to prevent explosion of the heater.
4. As the heat exchange surface area is larger, vaporizer can operate under lower temperature, which slows down the coking speed of the vaporizer.
5. It has built in gas and liquid separator and drainage device.
Technical parameters:
1. Vaporization capacity: 50-500Kg/h
2. Temperature to open the electromagnetic valve: 50 (adjustable)
3. Control method: Fully automatic
4. Operation water temperature: 55-75±2.5
5. Vaporization exit temperature: ≥35
6. Designed pressure: 1.77MPa
7. Activation pressure of the safety valve: 1.68MPa
8. Safety conjunction point: Lower and upper limit of water temperature
9. Warning method: Sound and light dual warning
10. Electricity source: 380V/50Hz
11. Power: 7.5-80KW
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