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Gas Regulator Measuring Skid
      Gas regulator measuring skid is suitable to be used in gas supplies such as LNG, CNG, NG,  and LPG. Gas regulator measuring station (site) has schematic design. Tube components are welded with seamless steel pipes. After receiving and passing nondestructive inspection and pressure tests, components including valves, filter, shut-off valve (regulators may omit this), regulator, flow meter, safety valve, and pressure meter are integrated to become a skid-mounted equipment. Skid-mounted products are compact in structure and has a pleasant outlook. Its performance is reliable and stable. Installation and maintenance are both easy. It is also durable. It is an indispensable product in the transport and distribution of the gas supply industry. Based on needs of clients, upgrades can be added: overall zinc coating, data transmission, and remote control etc.
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