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KQ series air-heated vaporizer
The vaporizer of this series is a highly efficient and energy-saving heat exchange equipment that uses air to perform natural circulation to cryogenic liquid inside heating tubes and heat exchange tubes (LNG, L02, LN2, LAr, LC02) in order to fully vaporize such gas. It has the following advantages:
1. There is no energy consumption, no pollution, green and environmentally friendly.
2. Installation and maintenance are both easy.
3. Using an exclusive type of aluminium to conduct heat exchange, it is highly-efficient and has a light-weight design, thus lengthening its usable live.
4. Its effective structure of the inner finned tube substantially improves the heat exchange results in the heat exchange tubes.
5. The arrangement of inner finned tubes of different specifications helps to increase 10-20% heat exchange area of standard vaporizers.
6. The “bridge” model of connecting different components is neat and pleasant. When operating, it can reduce sheer stress from heat expansion and contraction from various parts.
7. Special anti-oxidation processing techniques are conducted on the surface of the heat exchange tubes.
8. Work flow design is improved to eliminate “biased flow phenomenon” to ensure flow speed is controlled within safety levels.
9. All vaporizers are cleaned and manufactured following strict compliance with oxygen standards. It is safe to use.
Factors affecting vaporization volume: work cycle, ambience temperature, temperature, altitude, wind speed, lighting, pressure applied, and surrounding buildings.
1. Medium used: LNG, L02, LN2, LAr, LC02
2. Work pressure: 1.6-25Mpa
3. Flow volume of a single unit: 50-1000Nm3/h
4. Note: For higher volume, modules can be used
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