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YKQ series air-heated vaporizer
This gasifier is developed by making fulluse of LPG`s characteristic of pressure red-uction and gasification through self heat absorption.Through liquid phase pressure reduction,it controls the best gasification pressurein the specially made efficient heat-absorbing component to provide stable gas supply tousers.ltis suitable for the piaces of centralized gas supply,e.g.the gasification stations ofliquefied gas-supplied residential quarters,enterprises and institutions.(lt can substitute the system requiring forced gasification.)
For transportation and installation reasons,in case of more than 400kg/Hgasificatiom quantity,we will use several gasifiers at the same time to reach the requirement.lf thereis any special requirement,our company can provide tailormade products.
Lnstallation precautions:
The gasifier shall be installed in a sunny, well-ventilated open-air environment.      
The gasifier shall be installd on a foundation of 200~300mm above the ground and fastend.      
After pipe installation,it shall be purged with nitrogen and operated after no-leakage test.      
The gasifier shall not be put in piace through brute force.lt shall not bear the additional load of external pipes.      
A filter shall be arrabged at the liquid phase inlet of gasifier so as to prevent foreign matters from enteringthe equipment.
Product features:
The main parts of equipment are imported from abroad and its enclosure is made of excellent stainless steel and       
special Al-alloy.lt features corrosion resistance and long service life,thus guaranteeing its long-term good operation.lt works at atmospheric temperature anddoes not consume water,electricity and other energies.      
During power failure,gas supply is not affected.Greatly reduce the construction inyestments in capital construction,power supply,heat supply,fire protection,etc.
Pressure regulating box has two groups of liquid phase monitoring pressure regulators in series connection,thus effectively ensuring the control of gasification pressure.The gasifier is equipped with the device resistant to liquid pass,thus ensuring the safety of downstream gas use.Equipment.       
Is compact,light,easily movable and easy to operate and maintain,thus considerabiy lowering management expenses.Gasifiers are suitabie for LPG.
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