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Company Profile
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Business Scope
      The Company was established in 1993. Its main business includes domestic gas, industrial gas, complete set of engineering design and implementation service for industrial gas, manufacturing of gas equipment, and the storage and sale of LPG and LNG. The Company takes raising the level of scientific technology as its motivation to further expand the Company. It carried out research, development and manufacturing of the first LPG air-heated vaporizer, and LNG, LO2, and LN2 air-heated vaporizers in China. All these vaporizers passed the inspection from the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality and obtained national patents. The Company designs and manufactures component assembling devices for pressure vessels, gas pressure regulator, and vaporization equipment. The Company combines fine professional design and techniques in engineering and implementation, high product quality, excellent after-sales service and consultation. Urban Gas gave recommendation to the Company. The Science & Technology Spark program of CCTV-7 also made a feature program on the Company. 
Major operation projects and core products of the Company:
1. Storage and sale of LPG and LNG
2. Design of gas projects
3. Implementation, installation and management of gas projects
4. Component assembling devices for pressure vessels: Grade A skid-mounted pressure-regulating station, vaporization pressure regulator
5. Component assembling devices for pressure vessels: Grade B air-heated vaporizer
6. Gas combustion equipment: Water-heated vaporizer
7. Components: Filter, manifold (bus)
8. Others: gas combustion project collaboration        
      The Company maintains the core value of “Safety First, Human Oriented, Solid and Stable, Pursue Excellence and Harmony”. Taking market trend as its guide, the Company keeps exploring and applying new technologies, creates wealth for the society, and builds an excellent “NanFang” brand. 
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